Additional info on balcony railings


Alutec 5 – is a floor-based, frameless glazing system. Glasses are only slid sideways and usability is wonderfully simple.

Glass elements are clear 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm tempered glass. If desired, etched glass or sunscreen glass can also be used.


Alutec 5 –balcony glazing is a patented product. Balcony glazing has been tested according to EN 12210, EN12211, SFS 3304, and EN12600 standards and all parts used in the system have been test aged according to ISO 4892-2 standard.

Balcony glazing is ETA-approved and CE-marked. All glasses used in Alutec-balcony glazes are tempered, meeting the SFS EN 12150 standard requirements.

Instead of clear glass, Alutec 5 –balcony glazing can have coated sunscreen glass, colored sunscreen glass or mat satin glass for privacy selected.