Balcony railings and –products


Get acquainted with regulatory provisions and balcony railing structures.

Additional info on balcony railings

Legal statutes demand that all balconies have railings. Practicality plays a big part in the planning phase of our balcony railings: drainage, modifiability of railings and their joining to the structural frame and other properties have been polished to maximal functionality. Durable products remain unchanged from year to year.

Our balcony railing selection is designed to be as comprehensive and versatile as possible: the railing system enables to be modified to serve various decorative options, create U-shaped profiles, option to switch banisters, the use of decorative banisters as well as changing the cladding material (e.g., glass, plate). Balcony railing can, for instance, be incorporated with balcony glazing. The railings also enable the seamless combining of sunscreen grating, balcony partition walls, and other products which add to the balcony’s comfort and visual appeal.

The balcony railing system includes upright poles, special banisters, U-profiles, glazing profiles as well as different gaskets and joining details.