Additional info on balcony railings


The railing must be constructed if the falling height exceeds 500 mm and if danger of falling or misstep is present. The railing must meet safety requirements and must be fit for purpose. The railing can be of a guard railing type or an open railing.

Occupant load I is present in spaces using which necessitates residence or any comparable use with regard to load. Such spaces are, e.g., apartments, hospital rooms, accommodation rooms and ancillary rooms which also include apartment house storage rooms.


Alutec-balcony railing system’s cladding material can be placed on the outside, inside or in the middle of railing poles. Integrated banisters act as the lower bar of the glazing which improves the appearance of the balcony. Alutec-balcony railings have several different profile options available, e.g., various banisters. If necessary, we will design a completely new banister with the architect to keep the general appearance in line with the overall design. If required, we will send the railing collection to the architects as a dwg-file to support their planning.

Alutec-balcony railings have been tested at the Leipziger Institut für Bauphysik test institution according to the German TRAV-safety regulations. Balcony railings are fastened using the safe and durable aluminum or RST-fasteners, which are CE-marked. Railing cladding uses either laminated glasses or construction plates. Strength properties of railing glasses and –plates are inspected separately for each site.