Explore safety glass regulations for doors.

Safety glass regulations for doors and door window jambs

Doors are business cards of buildings

Alutec-aluminum doors are durable and easy-to-maintain doors with a lifespan of several decades. Aluminum doors are produced either from a thermally not insulated inner door system or thermally insulated outer door system and these are used, for instance, in public buildings, such as schools or hospitals and as front doors in apartment houses. We deliver light and peel off -resistant outer-, inner-, and fire doors fitted and glazed and we install them – wherever the site is located in Finland.

Depending on the selected glass and structure, aluminum doors can achieve a U-value under 0,9 W/m2K.

Change in EI-fire classifications

According to new building regulations, constructions which have permits requested after 15.4.2012 must be supplied with EI230 and EI260 doors instead of EI30 and EI60. Alutec Oy can manufacture EI230 and EI260 type-approved doors.