Precise and accurate building, full-service

Alutec Oy is a business specialized in aluminum- and glass building offering full-service. We bear responsibility for our products and work all the way from planning to installation and eventual inspection.

For us, the customer is king. Upon customers contacting us, we apply a professional service from that point on to the end of the warranty period and even further! Our full-service method aims to cover all customer requirements and needs pertaining to glass- and aluminum building.

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Our business is based on customer-oriented, full-service deliveries, which facilitate the building process for the customer: all necessary aluminum- and glass structures, such as, balcony glazing and –railings, aluminum- and fire doors, glass facades and glass walls supplied directly by us.

Our clientele comprises mainly of construction businesses across Finland.

The high quality of our products is backed up by a 30-year experience in the business.

Our production drawings are done with a modern cad-program tailored for our production.


Alutec products of the highest quality and functionality are only achieved by utilizing the talents of each of our employees. We mind for their comfort and well-being which contributes to our successful projects and future success.

Our employees are well trained and motivated in their work. In addition to the precision in our planning- and production work, our employees also see to the correct packaging and transport of our products so that they arrive at their destination clean and intact. Our own installers as well as our installation partners guarantee the safe installation of our products.

From all this a Alutect product is born which we can proudly deliver to our customers.


Respect and care for our environment is a corner-stone for the sustainability of life. For these reasons, we will always aim to be a environmentally friendly business in each of our fields of operation.

Our main raw material is environmentally friendly and wear-proof aluminum which gives our products a long lifespan.

Our production only uses corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly materials which do not contain poisonous substances.

Thanks to our optimizing of piece production, our work produces very little scrap material. Regardless, we sort and recycle even the little scrap we do produce to contribute to a more sustainable environment.