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Alutec 5 terrace glazing is the first frameless, sideways overlapping terrace glazing in Finland, which can be used for balcony- as well as terrace glazing. Alutec 5 terrace glazing is an extremely easy to use, unobtrusive glazing which enables a completely open view. The glazing is opened by sliding the glass elements sideways. The glazing’s side-most glasses have factory-installed puller handles to facilitate opening.

In closed position, the glass elements slightly overlap each other. Because of this overlapping, the terrace is shielded from rain and dirt. Clear, unobtrusive strips that seal the gaps between glass elements are also available. The bottom bar can be hid into the terrace grating, in which case the usability between glazed and unglazed terraces improves.

Alutec 5 frameless terrace glazing is a CE-marked product. It has been tested up to the height of 2800 mm. Full-height Alutec 5 terrace glazing is always manufactured using 8 mm or 10 mm tempered glass. The used glass thickness depends on glazing height. Clear glass can be substituted with, e.g., etched glass that provides privacy.

Terrace glazing is also available with locking mechanisms. Alutec 5 terrace glazing is versatile in its use as it can be opened from the sides or from the center. Because the terrace glazing is only slid sideways in an overlapping manner, and doesn’t have inward turning elements, it thus does not eat up additional space when open. As such, when fitting up your terrace you do not need to consider if you are blocking the glazing.