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Alutec Design – enables a vertical clearance of up to 2000 mm
at site. The upright poles of balcony railings are slimmer than normal, only 20 mm in width which will obstruct the view from the balcony as little as possible. This enables to maximize the glass surface area and minimize the obstructive effect of the upright poles.

Alutec Design –also enables the realization of a completely open corner with no upright poles. Upright poles can be placed up to 700 mm from the balcony corner. Design –balcony railings would suit spacious and eloquent architecturally designed apartment houses. The distinctive Alutec Design –railing is a solution for either expressionless- or prominent facades, depending on, e.g., the type of glass used and other balcony building solutions.

Alutec Design –railings are measured according to EN 1990:2002, EN 1991-1-4 and EN 1999-1-1 strength requirement standards. These also meet the requirements of terrain classification 0 in case of, for instance, high-rise buildings or buildings situated on the coast.

Alutec Design –balcony railings are always fastened from the tile surface. A edge profile covering the edge of balcony tiles can be attached to the railing’s lower banister. The edge profile is not essential, but does protect the tiling edge from rain water and spill marks. In the planning phase, it is also recommended to consider if the Alutec Design –railing should be attached from the banister to the balcony’s concrete pillars, for example. Alutec Design –enables to create a large, uniform glass surface by placing the balcony glazing at the exact same depth as the glazing of the balcony railing.
Design –railings can be mixed and matched with the same accessories as other Alutec –balcony railings, such as, decorative banisters, horizontal glass division, etc.