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Alutec Oy manufactures facade systems according to product standard SFS-EN 13830:2003 and doors and windows according to SFS-EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010.

More specifically, the glass facades as well as doors and windows that do not possess fire safety- or smoke sealing properties currently fall within the CE-mark parameters. Facades as well as doors and windows belong to AVCP –class 3, i.e., their CE-mark suitability is determined by the factory’s internal control.

In addition to the above stated products, also smoke ventilation windows are included in the CE-mark parameters. Smoke ventilation windows differ from regular ones by the fact they fall under AVCP –class 1, which necessitates external quality assurance for their CE-mark. Alutec Oy has a quality control agreement with VTT, thus we can supply CE-marked smoke ventilation windows to our customers.

The following door- and window products do not currently possess CE-markings:

  • fire doors
  • Automatic hinge doors
  • smoke sealing doors
  • uninsulated doors
  • glazed roofs
  • structural glazing facades

With regards to outer doors, special mention should go to exit doors the mounting and fitting of which follows the EN 179 and EN 1125 standards. The EN 179 standard is applied when dealing with emergency exit paths and the EN 1125 when dealing with panic exit paths.

In conjunction with the business transaction, Alutec Oy delivers the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and if this performance level changes during design phase, it is possible to receive the corrected DoP declarations.

Alutec-products delivered to construction sites have CE-marks either on the product itself or on their packages.