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Railings do not currently possess a harmonized product standard or classification standard based on which CE-marks could be given.

The wind pressure load on glazed balcony railings should be included and noted in the railings’ performance declaration equally in order for the customer to be able to compare performance declarations of railing products. The wind pressure load caused by the balcony glazing has to be specified as the railings and its fasteners must also resist the pressure on itself in addition to the pressure caused by the glazing.

Actual load at construction sites is also determined by terrain classification and structure height. Additionally, load is affected by the balcony’s position on the building’s facade. For instance, load is greater on the sides of buildings compared to the center.

Regardless of not being able to CE-mark railings, we manufacture our railing products following the same CE-quality assurance procedure as we do with our other products that have official CE-marks. At each site we also inspect the specific requirements for railing strength. The sufficient vertical pole amount, sufficient railing- and balcony glass strength as well as the appropriate fastening mechanisms are already determined in the offer calculation phase.