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Glass is a safe and environmentally friendly cladding material option for balcony railings. Its graceful and light appearance coupled with its luminousness makes glass the most widely used cladding material. The laminated glass used in balcony railings is easy to maintain and its “new” look can be preserved for years. Glasses come in several different tones and surfaces, transparent or opaque.

We mostly use 4+4 laminated, load sustainable railing glass for balcony railings. We inspect railing glass strength properties separately at each site.

Glass- as well as plate railings can be installed on the front side of the railing pole either hiding or not hiding the balcony tiling edge. This way, railing poles are hidden behind the cladding material, between the cladding and tiling. If the glass-/plate railing is attached to the inside of the railing pole, the poles will be visible when looking from the outside. Additionally, the appearance of balcony railings can be altered by, e.g., changing the banister, using a decorative banister, decorative finishes or a U-profile.