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The CE-market Alutec-glass walls enable the creation of energy efficient, spacious and luminous glass surfaces. Our glass walls meet the U-value requirement specified in the C3-regulation. Depending on the glass and the structure, this U-value can go even as low as 0,7 W/m2K.

The aluminum structures that we use can be applied to both small and large glass walls as well as facades and indoor spaces of buildings. Some examples of where it can be applied

  • glass facades of buildings
  • staircase windows, glass walls
  • outer- and inner windows of business offices
  • window groups
  • window groups

Glass walls are usually self-supporting and they are trussed to the structure frame. Frame profiles’ width is 50 or 60 mm with the depth depending on their position (e.g., 35 mm – 300 mm). The strength of frame profiles is planned specifically for each case ensuring they meet the specific requirements of each case. Upon dimensioning, the factors considered include wind pressure at the construction site (terrain classification and the position of the window and glass wall in the building’s facade) and glass weight.

It is possible to select from a wide variety of decorative profiles to go with the glass wall system. Different decorative profiles can be used to easily affect the appearance of the wall without sacrificing any other of its properties.

Alutec-glass wall is well within the weather- and water resistance requirements. 2k- or 3k-glass can be used with the rebate space being ventilated. For instance, doors, openable windows and smoke exhaust flaps can be easily and tightly integrated to glass walls.