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Alutec -inner doors and slide doors are produced from a 50 mm thick inner door system. The frame of the uninsulated is produced using a hard and rigid extruded aluminum which still weighs only about a third compared to steel doors. The easy-to-use door is suited for vestibules of schools and hospitals, apartment house hallways, as well as inner doors in offices. Our selection also includes fingersafe doors as well as hand- and power-operated slide doors.

Surface processing of inner door profiles uses either anodizing or powder coating. The glass parcels used for the doors are 3-33 mm in strength. The glazing space depth is adjusted to suit different glass strengths using glass strips and seals. Additionally, inner doors can use a focal glazing system.

As with outer doors, inner door appearance can be modified with, e.g., design -glass strips or decoral –surface processing. Please refer to sales for further information!