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Alutec-sunscreen gratings are produced as tailor-made work specific to the destination site. Gratings are either manufactured as fixed elements or moveable versions, which enables to adjust the position of the grating according to the sun. Sunscreen gratings of different models and color bring a personal touch to a buildings’ facade. If desired, the whole facade can be covered with grating.


The end- and partition walls give balconies privacy and sight cover. The options are either solid or glass walls available in numerous different colors and styles. For example, a partition wall made of opal glass lets light through but is otherwise opaque. Individual balcony walls can be produced according to E30-, EI30- and EI60 fire classification. Balcony walls are CE-marked.


Alutec-venetian blinds are attached to the glazing’s upper- and lower profiles. Venetian blinds are manufactured from either metal or fabric with the required slat density, slat size and according to grating model. Blinds protect from the curios looks of by-passers as well as from the sun.


Alutec-planter brackets can be integrated into Alutec-balcony railing. All balconies using the same aluminum Alutec-planter brackets give the facade a nice uniform look.

Our planter brackets are weatherproof and maintaining them is easy. Thanks to several different color solutions, the brackets suit even the most demanding sites.