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Alutec’s KL-glass system includes CE-marked gables and CE-marked fixed windows, which enable fixed glass walls to be placed on the sides of the terrace which are not used for passing. The profiles are petite and do not obstruct the view. However, they do not act as supporting structures.

The CE-marked gables are tight and neat aluminum glass structures, which provide a groomed solution for the triangle between the eave and the actual terrace glazing. The upper bar of the terrace glazing fits well into the gable window frame profile which as a whole provides a tidy solution without unnecessary openings. Fixed windows use 4 – 6 mm thick float-glass which can be either transparent or opaque.


Alutec’s KL-glazed roof system can function as a self-supporting structure or be installed on top of a roof-supporting framework. A glazed roof gives the finishing touch to a building’s facade and provides natural light indoors. Glazed roofs also increase the spaciousness of buildings and add to the overall comfort. Glazed roofs also provide additional space to generally concise terraces.

KL-glazed roofs are manufactured from long-lasting aluminum and durable safety glass the thickness of which depends on the roof’s angle and pane length. The functionality and details of KL-glazed roofs are designed to suit even the most demanding requirements.

Glazed roofs and fixed windows are always designed for each site separately in cooperation with the customer. This ensures a successful end result with minimal waste of time.