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Alutec-aluminum outer doors are always CE-marked. The doors are produced from either a 74 mm thick, Thermo 74 –door system with thermal barrier or the more insulated, 86 mm thick Thermo 86 –door system. Doors’ surfaces are processed either by anodizing or by powder coating.

Outer-doors can be single or double doors and can open either inward or outward. These can be attached to Alutec-windows, which would give the best tightness and thermal insulation, or even to Alutec-glass wall. The door system can be integrated with 1k-, 2k- or 3k-glasses.

Each door is manufactured according to customer requirements and measurements while the manufacturer can also have design input. Some possibilities would be, for instance,

  • glass strip design
  • different coloring for outer- and inner surfaces
  • E30, EI230 and EI260
  • wider module door profile, which fits a special lock as well as access control devices
  • decoral –surface processing, which enables to give a aluminum door the look of a wooden door

The door has integrated double rabbets and seals as standard equipment. The thick glazing seal on the inside insulates the glass edge area and also the rebate space, in which case it doesn’t need to be separately seamed.

The low edges of the glazing seals provide maximum room for the door transom. The black rubber seals of the infill panels are almost out of sight. The door profiles are attached to each other with elbow connectors and screws which enable to change only the damaged part of the door if ever necessary. Door shutters, hinges, and handles are always installed with load-dividing fittings.