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Alutec Oy also manufactures aluminum doors in different fire classifications. Fire doors are available in glass as well as solid and their appearance is just like a regular outer door. Our EI2 –class aluminum fire doors are type-approved by the Finnish Ministry of Environment, the proof of which is provided by the STF-shield.

Fire doors reduce human- and property damages, increase evacuation timeframe, slow the spreading of fire, and save lives. When purchasing fire structures, it is important to only select tested and type-approved structures because only these can ensure operational reliability when an actual fire occurs.


E30-class fire doors use clear fire-rated glass so the fire protection properties are not visible in the appearance.

E –class stands for tightness. The door cannot open or loosen and it cannot have pervious holes that would see the cotton plug catch fire or that would see continuous flames reach the other side of the door for more than 10 seconds. E-class fire doors must be appointed with a safety distance, i.e., distance from exit path and flammable structures or movables. This is defined according to heat radiation. The radiation intensity cannot exceed 10 kW/m2 at the specified distance from the door. If the surface area of the visible glass part of the door falls under 0,1 m2, no safety distance is required. (source: Ministry of Environment decree on door type-approval 22.10.2007)


EI2 –class fire doors always use several layers of fire-rated clear glasses. Fire-property is proved on products only by the STF –type approval shield on the upper side of the door frame hidden from sight.

With the EI230- and EI260-class fire doors, the temperature rise of the surface of the door not facing the flames cannot on average exceed 280 °C, and absolutely cannot exceed 330 °C. Temperature rise is not noted on the 100 mm wide door leaf edge areas or on the door frames with a width smaller than 100 mm.

The EI-class fire-rated glasses that we use have several fire safety layers.


According to new building regulations, constructions which have permits requested after 15.4.2012 must be supplied with EI230 and EI260 doors instead of EI30 and EI60. Alutec Oy can manufacture EI230 and EI260 type-approved doors.