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Construction plate is a versatile cladding material for balcony railings available in different colors with rough surfaces as well as smooth.

In addition to construction plates, plate railing can also use, e.g., tape metal or profile sheets. Using the plating option in renewal projects enables to track the dissembled railing with the new aluminum railing if the design plans so require.

As with our other cladding materials, the construction plate is also environmentally friendly and durable.

Plate- as well as glass railings can be installed on the front side of the railing pole either hiding or not hiding the balcony tiling edge. This way, railing poles are hidden behind the cladding material, between the cladding and tiling. If the glass- or plate railing is attached to the inside of the railing pole, the poles will be visible when looking from the outside. Additionally, the appearance of balcony railings can be altered by, e.g., changing the banister, using a decorative banister, decorative finishes or a U-profile.