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CE-marked, vertically framed Lukka –terrace glazing is a rail-based sideways sliding terrace glazing. The easily moveable sliding terrace glazing is especially reliable in all weather conditions. CE –marking guarantees the quality of every terrace glazing produced at Alutec.

The system has vertical strips between glass elements which ensure the glazing’s tightness. The tilted bottom bar equipped with dewatering holes ensures that any water flowing down the glass passes outward.

With vertical frame terrace glazing, the adjoining of sliding glass elements uses the so-called sticking technique, which ensures the glazing’s simple functioning and a tight structure. Additionally, the use of different locking mechanisms is easy with vertical frame terrace glazing.

The researched airborne sound insulation of the vertical frame Lukka –terrace glazing using 6 mm thick glass is 22 dB. The sound insulation of the glazing has been tested according to the ISO 140/3-1978 standard.